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نرم افزارهای سنجش صدا

 نرم افزارهای سنجش صدا

Pulsar Software list - latest version

All products run under Windows operating systems Win98 SE, ME, NT4 SP5+, 2000, XP Home, and XP Pro.

  • W60Setup Version
    Data download and setup software for the Pulsar Model 60 series dosimeters and sound level meters.
    Installer file: W60SetupSetup.exe
  • Analyser Version V1.1.1 dated 5th February 2007
    Data download and reporting software for Model 30. Supports short-Leq time history.
    Installer file: PulsarAnalyserSetup.exe
  • dBlink Version
    Data download software for the doseBadge noise dosimeter system.
    Installer file: Pulsar_dBlinkSetup.exe
  • doseBadge Database Version 1.1.06
    Database and reporting software for doseBadge measurements.
    Installer file: Pulsar_dBDBSetup.exe

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